Current Level: UK Beach Tour Player

What made you get into the sport?

"Having played volleyball since I was 15, I’ve had the opportunity to admire some of the country’s best when it comes to indoor or beach volleyball. This inspired me to try and chase the dream of becoming an England Beach International Player. This dream was fuelled by the ability to train and play against the best players and develop personally, but also to join and form part of the best community there is. "

What has been your most memorable moment so far?

"Every time I get on the sand is memorable, it forms another part of who I am, and who I want to be. Having the opportunity to play on the UK Beach Tour, against the best players, and enjoy the sport with the entire community has to be up there."

What is your favourite part of the sport?

"It is so hard to choose one, the sport is more than a sport, more than a passion, with the sport you get a community that wants everyone to develop, enjoy, and win. That is probably one of my favourite things about beach volleyball."

What are your aspirations?

"Over the past years my goals have changed. I still intend to compete on the UKBT and win medals and climb up the seeding ladder but now I am hoping that this will lead to an international CEV/ FIVB tournament one day."

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